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Lots of empty space around here.


And it will take a long time to get filled.


Once upon a time ...

I have always like to read books. Probably because I do that mostly when I'me at ease, without preasure. With a pipe or a glass of wine or port at hand. The best books are those that I read without noticing that time passes. It is not uncommon for me to start reading in the evening and, when finally looking up, noticing it's getting light outside with early birds singing.
OK, doesn't happen too often these days because I don't really have the time for it.

I am not a fast reader to begin with. And I tend to let my imagination wander and take the plot out of the original writers hands. Making my progress trough a book slower still. And I usually read for relaxing, not for studying so don't come and ask what it was all about afterwards. And don't ask, a week after finishing, what the author or title was. (So don't expect much if/when I write a review ^_^.)


Yes I like to write too. Like I said I let my immagination run free while reading. And sometimes my immagination runs down the same path on separate occasions. And I write down those escapades. So yes, I am a writer, but a bad writer at that. I have several weaknesses that prevent me from writing publishable stuff. The main one is that I can't write conversations and dialogues, which is not surprising because I don't converse well in real live either. Another problem is that I am a 'good and nice' person, I never get angry nor shout at people, or get bitchy about things. Being angry or bitchy or evil are completely foreign to me. So I don't know how to incorporate them in my writing. And a book with only good guys is not going to be appreciated. Heck, I wouldn't appreciate it myself.

So that section will not fill up soon either.


So why bother with the whole books section at all?






Yeah, good question.  

Update 2003-01-31    ^

I did remove the old stuff, wich was not much to begin with, to replace it slowly with new pages.


When the writing is on the wall ...
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