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lair n. 1 wild animal's resting-place. 2 person's hiding-place. [Old English]

Typicaly applied to the place where a dragon breeds and broods. Where it stores and cherishes its treasure. The place where the dragon ventures forth from and returns to.


Calendar is where you can find my daybooks. It is the place that I keep personal notes and reflections but also work related logs. There is something new every day but often it will be of no interest to most people.
---    This week can be reached directly as well.

Computers is where you can find PC and web related notes. (I use PC meaning Personal Computer not as in Wintel-PC)

Books & authors will be a place for reviews and remarks about books I read.

Food is a list of recipes. Cooking is something I like to expirment with.

Acronyms can be found here as well. Mostly copied from Tom Syroid.

A Map is a standard tool for people searching the shortest route to a certain loction. Maybe it is a good bookmark candidate.
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